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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Can Small Businesses Afford an SEO Campaign?

I think SEO has a lot more to do with whether you understand the objectives that you are trying to accomplish with natural search versus paid ads. If your keywords and keyword phrases show results of 4,000,000 SERP's when you search on GOOGLE, then the chances of getting your url seen is almost impossible without a PPC effort.


RSS Feeds for Googlebot

Google is getting smarter everyday. I've been keeping up as much as I can with RSS but keep hearing folks talk that it is a replacement for e-mail or it's a new shift in the business model that controls how content is searved and from whom.

The Googlebot kicked out a few sites that use RSS feeds because of the explicit content. But those who are doing this as a means to generate ad revenue, we can certainly see why we don't want GOOG, YHOO or MSN to stop spidering these sites even if it means not the most unique content.

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