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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


eBooks, Whitepapers, Articles, RSS, Blogs, Cookies, eMarketing

How long do you think the Google craze will last? Danny Sullivan, Aaron, SEO boy, Curt Maligs, Mike Wanner, Jason Turchore, Priyah, all these folks are experts in their own right. Well, I just discovered a program that allows you to create directories of sites and the clearly use backdoor tactics to ping the blog directories to redirect to acknowledge every new post. I think this is going to hurt us more than help. HOWEVER, I just experiemented with it on my site and realized 'it works pretty fast'. The blog engines automatically indexed me and within four hours I should have multiple links coming from our site and other blogs.

I'll keep you posted: the names of the programs are Directory Generator, RSS Equalizer and myweblog auidonation.

Keep blogging and monetize your sites.

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