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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Paid Search Branding and Tools - ad:tech

In the ongoing effort to maximize advertising spending on paid search campaigns, companies are continuously looking for ways to improve efficiency and ROI performance. Vendors develop tools to help automate the labor intensive task of managing large paid search campaigns, but Dana Todd, CEO of Sitelab says, "Automation has not met up with reality." The "Paid Search and Keyword Optimization for Gurus" session of the ad:tech conference in Chicago covered a variety of topics dealing with paid search ranging from optimizing best practices to case studies of using paid search for branding. First up was Dana Todd, who described her more...

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Interactive Marketing Needs Standards

The first keynote session at ad:tech Chicago included Ted McConnell, Manager Interactive Marketing Innovation for P&amp;G and Jeff Bell VP Chrysler &amp;amp; Jeep. First up was Ted McConnell from Procter &amp;amp; Gamble. He started out discussing the state of interactive: what's working and what's not working. He offers big kudos to the interactive industry for being so innovative and creative. Last year there was a $9.6 billion spend on interactive out of $264 billion overall. That means only a 3.7% of total ad spend and interactive has been around 10 years. Why? The underlying problem with interactive is acceptance. Interactive more...

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ad:tech Chicago Interactive Marketing Conference

Today is the first day of AD:TECH Chicago and I'll be covering the following sessions: Keynote with Ted McConnell, Manager, Interactive Marketing Innovation and Jeff Bell, Vice President, Chrysler &amp;amp; Jeep Chrysler Group Brand Humanity: How Social Technologies are Changing the Way We Do Business SupahMega Trends Global in Online Media Client Agency Tango: IMC-Style Keynote - Rules for Revolutionary Marketer - Guy Kawasaki, Managing Director, Garage Technology Ventures ad:tech has also launched a new look including a new web site. Unfortunately, the new ad:tech web site commits SEO suicide and posts all the text and links within Flash more...

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AD:TECH Chicago Interactive Marketing Conference

This weekend I'm off to the AD:TECH interactive marketing conference in Chicago for Mon/Tues next week. I was fortunate to be one of the bloggers selected to cover the conference on the AD:TECH Blog. I will be blogging 5 of the sessions ranging from "Brand Humanity: How Social Technologies are Changing the Way We Do Business" to "Achieving Balance in Your Search Mix". While I've personally blogged while attending conferences such as Search Engine Strategies and WebmasterWorld Search Conference, I've not formally been involved with conference blogging before so it should be fun. I am also interviewing several people in more...

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Shooting the Moon and Budget Busting with Overture's Auto-bidding

Spend your competitor's budget with their consent! It's pay-per-click as blood-sport. more...

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In Defense of Dashy Domains

They have a lot to say about the current state of marketing via search. more...

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NYTimes on Google and Adwords

More mainstream adulation for Google might mean new opportunities for you... or new competitors. more...

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Overture and Gator

Will you follow them to the banks of the "great gray-green greasy" river? more...

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Briefing: Prepare for the Next SE Shake-up

Yes, interesting things are a-foot in the search distribution arena. Cam's take on where some of these developments might be headed. more...

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Table-less Formatting

CSS-only pages starting to show up. Are there benefits for SEO? more...

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