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Monday, June 27, 2005


SEO for Small Business

SEO for Small Business


RSS at Microsoft - IE 7.0 to be Introduced

If you can imagine this: Microsoft is getting into the RSS space. The funny thing though is their approach might be the right one. I recently viewed a video of five Microsoft employees who are in charge of building RSS for the Longhorn platform and for IE 7.0 - it was pretty amazing how some of this works on the backend. The technology discussion they had made it seem futuristic. The application, API's, encl tags, and framework of how this will work in the future. The main opinion of Microsoft is why create an RSS technology for the sole purpose of a feed for text, content, music, files, photos, when the files associated with the feed can be so much more. They gave an awesome demo of the newsgator/feedburner technology associated into a MS app.

I found this site by digging into - you guessed it - blogs. I don't feel comfortable giving the URL away, yet. As I see I got in through a site that was for registered users. But I'll think about it next time.

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