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Friday, July 01, 2005


Acheiving Online Marketing Success

The Foundation of Online Marketing Success

Once you have your Team Lead Generation Website activated, it is important that you first understand how your system works and then you can prepare for the success you’re bound to create. Before we get into building traffic to your MLM Leads Site,
lets go over the basicfunctions of the site and walk you through the sales and marketing process.

Marketing is #1
The most important thing to understand about creating a successful online marketing website is
MARKETING. You can always hire someone to do your website design and technical support.
It’s always nice to hire someone with marketing savvy (and of course, design and programming
abilities) to design your site. However, marketing is the key ingredient that will make or break
your website.

Some people are born with marketing in their blood. You can tell when people “get it” and when
they don’t. If it is not in your blood, you need to get it there. It’s time to get INFECTED! You
must learn to be an expert network marketer if you want to have fantastic results. Never stop
seeking after and devouring the best network marketing books, tapes, and live seminars.
You and your upline will have more to do with the success of your website system than the website
developers themselves. Your successful upline leaders have been in the trenches and they know
what kind of information attracts the right kind of prospect. Your job as a team is to come up with
the most compelling content that you can for your site and then constantly drive traffic to the site.
Your site will help you do the rest.

The Website MARKETING Process
The first step in successfully attracting qualified prospects is to develop a powerful series of
SIZZLE Websites designed to promote your products or program. You’ll eventually have many
sizzle sites, but you must start with at lease one.

NOTE: If you received this ebook from a TopLine representative, then you registered to receive
this ebook through a sizzle site. Do you remember what it looked like?

Website visitors should have no trouble figuring out what they should DO once they arrive at your
sizzle site. The sales process is very simple with an MLM site. Here are the five basic steps.

1. Visitors are intrigued initially by focused, enticing headlines and offers.
2. Next, they stay and click based on a powerful sub-headline copy and testimonials.
3. Third, they decide to stay longer based on a well written sales letter.
4. Fourth, they choose to leave their personal information and answer survey questions based
on the desire to receive the FREE OFFERS you promise to give them in the sales letters.
They exchange personal info for these free offers.
5. And finally, they take action based upon the content of those free offers and your relentless

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