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Friday, June 03, 2005


Mike Wanner Posted by Hello


Value through a Vision

Can you truly build a value statement for your customers without knowing exactly what they are trying to acheive. I had a mid-sized CRM company call me yesterday and the salesperson was trying to get me to see the value of his product. How can someone determine what I value without doing a thorough assessment. I am not the decision-maker for his product, which he should have asked right away. And, at the same time, he did most of the talking about him and his ability to drive through anyone and will get buyin for me. Give me a break.

Please - for you salepeople out there, the value statement can only lend credibility when you do a thorough needs analysis and account assessment of the prospects current situation. Using questions that uncover specific objectives they are trying to acheive and not getting frustrated with the prospect even if they don't give you 'sales related' information that you can translate onto your pipeline. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

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