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Thursday, June 16, 2005


Google Site Maps - More Work than I Thought

It is a fun process to know how much SEO is about "the know" of how an xml file gets used and location, location, location of the file. This is my second chance of doing this. Here is the code for you to examine. It's actually pretty easy once you understand that if your site is less than 50 pages it's can be manually. That's what I did since my hosting provider didn't support Python nor did I know how to execute the file and install the req's.




There is much data between that presents each htm/index.asp/index.php you have with the appropriate file name. Once you have used the generator or the manual way, install the config file on your webserver, pick the optional components you want (freq/position, etc) and then copy the sitemap.xml file and submit the file to Google. Your results should come out with a result page. I have about twenty more minutes until I find out if my small business website made it. I'll keep you posted.

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