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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Change Your Language

How many times do you feel exhausted and that you do so much for so little. I know this feeling all too often. But here is how I got from not feeling that way anymore, not matter how bad a day. I simply improved the communication with myself. Instead of letting my emotions get the better of me and have just 'what if' thoughts and constant worrying - I just keep a perspective by changing the language a little. One example, when you are writing or talking to yourself (yes we all do it - don't deny it) and you notice your thoughts or emotions going negative, do something right away to interrupt that pattern.

For example, I was worrying about not making a certain level of income this year because my primary job doesn't pay that much. Instead of keeping this thought pattern going for five minutes, I stopped myself and began incanting more positive thoughts. "I know I have a lot to do but I can meet my goals by focusing my efforts on what needs to be done that gives me the best return of my time". Moreover, I realized that hard word and working smart are synonymus only if you are actively pursuing a goal or positive outcome.

My positive incant for the day is" I will build a successful business that will provide me a residual income where I can work for myself in the next two years and still provide for my family".

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