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Friday, September 16, 2005


Officials settle sewage squabble (Pittsburgh Live)...

Officials settle sewage squabble (Pittsburgh Live)Penn Hills officials have agreed to pay higher sewage collection fees to Verona for 360 Penn Hills households in the Scenic Heights section, hooked into Verona's system.Pay Per Click Advertisers Save Money During Website Downtime with AdSupervision (PR Web)InternetSupervision.com has released a patent-pending website downtime solution that pauses pay per click advertising campaigns at Google Adwords, Yahoo/Overture and 7Search.com when advertiser websites are unavailable and restores those same PPC advertising campaigns when the website becomes available. [PRWEB Jun 16, 2005]JPMorgan agrees to $2.2 billion settlement (Pittsburgh Live)JPMorgan Chase &amp; Co., the third-largest U.S. bank, agreed Tuesday to pay $2.2 billion to settle a class-action lawsuit over its role in helping Enron Corp. engineer an accounting fraud that bilked investors out of billions of dollars.Web Blog Reveals Secrets to Effective Advertising on Google (PR Web)Advertising on Google is extremely profitable, however, the process is so frustrating that multiple thousands of small and medium sized businesses give up, leaving tens of millions of dollars in revenue on the table. After experiencing that frustration, marketer Steve Blom, of In Touch Media Group, of Clearwater, Florida, became a self-taught expert on the Google Adwords system and set up his ownIndustry Leaders Forum: On the front foot - 16 June 2005 (Publican)Help us find out what publicans really think - and you could win a whole host of prizes! Just click here to fill in our Market Report 2005 questionnaire.Exclusive Virtual Marketing Assistance Concierge Business Now Open (PR Web)Advertising, marketing, and online promotions as on-needed basis, one project or long term. [PRWEB Jun 15, 2005]ValueClick to acquire e-marketer Web Clients and ink retailer E-Babylon (InternetRetailer.com)ValueClick Inc. will expand its stable of e-marketing services by acquiring Web Clients for its lead-generation and e-mail marketing business, and it’s building out its e-commerce infrastructure by acquiring ink products retailer E-Babylon, Value Click said. more...

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