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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Housing Jitters Manifest: Internet Searches for m...

Housing Jitters Manifest: Internet Searches for 'Real Estate Bubble' Rise (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance)As speculation over a U.S. real estate bubble continues in the mainstream media, new Internet search behavior data suggest consumers are equally concerned that the current market is overpriced.USA: Internet better than print to smare used car buyers (just-auto)The internet now helps to lead more late-model, used-vehicle buyers in the US to the vehicles they purchase than traditional newspaper and magazine classified ads combined, according to the JD Power and Associates 2005 Used Autoshopper.com study.One-fifth of Web users prefer online news - Nielsen (Reuters via Yahoo! News)Nearly one-fifth of Web users who read newspapers now prefer online to offline editions, according to a new study from Internet audience measurement company Nielsen//NetRatings.Wikis, Weblogs and RSS: What Does the New Internet Mean for Business? (Knowledge at Wharton)The Internet is entering a new phase that will decentralize control within companies, enable employees to collaborate more easily, and drive efficiency. But corporations that want to use the web strategically to build corporate value will not just need to make radical cultural changes, they may also need to master a new vocabulary with terms such as Wikis, Weblogs, and RSS. What will this newBristol-Myers Squibb's Ad Ban Spares Internet (InternetNews.com)The drug company will refrain from offline advertising of new drugs until they've been on the market a year.The Changing Nature Of Internet Fame (MSNBC)The line between Internet-fame and real-world celebrity is blurring, and not everyone in the blogosphere is happy about it.Music and video central to new AOL free strategy (Kane County Chronicle)NEW YORK — You've got mail — and now it's free along with music and video. America Online Inc. officials hope their new strategy will boost advertising revenues; many customers have dropped AOL amid the proliferation of Internet portals and free e-mail services. more...

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